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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Back to School Freebie!

One of my favorite Kindergarten and First Grade centers is Write the Room. Each of my students gets a clipboard and reads all the print they can in the classroom and writes words that are fun or interesting to them. The kids absolutely love to walk around the room with clipboard in hand looking for their favorite friends' names or something from a recent anchor chart. However, last year around Christmas, I noticed that my students needed a little more structure and guidance to help them stay on task (i.e. – they were just having a grand old time walking around writing a whole lot of nothing!). So, I created some themed Write the Room activities for them to complete. In the beginning, I asked students to find just 1 word for each letter on the list, but as time went on, they were better able to locate those needed words. After a month or two, I asked them to start finding 3 words for each letter listed. Any student who finished early could write a sentence using one of the words they found. Oh my good gravy did this help them to stay focused! They were so excited to find their words and the few that wrote a sentence were really proud of themselves! 

As we quickly approach August, my teacher brain just WILL NOT shut off! So, here's a little freebie I'd like to share with you – a Back to School Write the Room Activity. At the beginning of Kindergarten, I would probably expect 1 word or name, but at the beginning of

first grade, I would start out with 3 words for each letter. I hope it's something that you can use!



  1. Love a cute Write the Room! Thanks for sharing! Is there ever a way that you "test" some of the kiddos to see if they really can read the words they are writing?

    Frolicking Through First

  2. What a very cute and fun idea for the kids! You are right -- they LOVE walking around with a clipboard! HA! Thanks for sharing.
    - Jan

  3. Such a cute idea, plus you can see where your kids are with letter recognition. So Smart!
    Come follow and share with me!

  4. love it! thank you so much...this is going to work really well as review for my grade 2s...

    teach play smile

  5. Thank you! I can't sleep, I can't concentrate on anything except school! I found your link to this post while searching Google for "back to school kindergarten". :-)